How to make a teacup planter

In celebration of our beautiful new teacup garden in the courtyard, we’d like to share the love so you can make your own at home.  We made our hangers with fishing line to match the delicacy of the vintage cups we were using, but you can use any kind of tough string or cord.  Just remember that if you’re hanging your creations outside, natural fibres will rot over time.

How to make a teacup planter

You will need…

  • A teacup
  • A drill
  • A diamond core drill bit – between 6mm and 10mm in size
  • A Little bit of water
  • A small square of synthetic fabric or shade cloth (5cmx5cm)
  • A handful of soil or potting mix
  • Fishing line
  • A small plant – succulents work well as they are easy to grow and don’t need much love


Part 1. Drilling the drainage hole

  1. Place your teacup upside down on a non-slip surface I find that the back lawn works well for this
  1. Fill the indent in the bottom of the cup with water
  1. You’ll want to drill the hole using a diamond core drill bit so pop one into your drill. These are tough enough to get through porcelain, and they work by grinding away at it rather than scraping which means your parcelling is less likely to break.
  1. Start your drilling by holding the drill at a 45 degree angle to the base of the cup, it may slip a little at first but just persevere with this.
  1. Your drilling will work best if you use a slow consistent speed, and a high torque setting
  1. After the bit takes hold in the porcelain, gradually shift it so you are drilling straight down into the porcelain
  1. Depending on the thickness of your teacup, it may take up to 5 minutes to drill all the way through.
  1. Pause occasionally to refill the indent with more water. It’s important the drilling is done wet


Part 2. Knotted Hanger

Cut 4 lengths of fishing line 1.25 m long

Holding all lengths together, fold in half and tie a knot, creating a loop at the top



Keeping all strands together, tie a second knot about 13 cm down from the first



Divide your strands into groups of two.  Tie each group of two together about 10cm down from the last knot



Next, pair up the left strand from one section and the right strand from the next section and tie together 3cm down from the last knot.  Repeat with the other sections.




Repeat the previous step 2 more times so you have 3 rows of knots



Now, insert your teacup up through the opening in the bottom



Gather all your ends together over the base of the teacup and knot them together


Trim the ends to form a small tassel


Part 3. Planting

If you don’t want to see the tassel at the base of the planter, tuck it up inside the drainage hole

Place a small square of shade cloth or fabric inside your teacup to cover the hole.  This will still allow the planter to drain, but will stop your soil from washing out

Fill your planter with soil, dampen it and pop your plant into the soil

Hang your planter and enjoy.


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